Episode 10 | LINE PRODUCER ROLE IN A FILM | How to make a Feature Film | Pre Production Process | Kkunal Shinde

The Role of a #LineProducer in a #FeatureFilm Subscribe – @Kkunal Shinde

Line producers are at the heart of a #production, hiring the crew, Allocating the money and making sure the filming is done safely, creatively, on budget and on time. They are typically the most Senior member of the production team, second only to the producers.

Working closely with heads of departments, they decide how the money gets spent, delivering the best possible product to the producer or series producer while offering the director and heads of department enough money to realise the vision.

Line producers are ultimately responsible for all the crew and all the contracts. They hire crew, heads of department, caterers and studio facilities, over-seeing all the deals and paperwork. They understand the artistry of film-making, foresee pitfalls and disasters and never let the spend extend beyond the bottom line. During production, line producers keep track of the budget and the filming process.

They are on set and in the office, dealing with the unexpected and helping find creative solutions. At the end of the shoot, they oversee the wrap, or winding down, of the production and hand over to the post-production supervisor.have an in-depth knowledge of how films are made, love of the process, good contacts in the industry
– – – – What’s a line producer good at?


get on well with a wide range of people, be clear about contracts and expectations, ensure everyone understands what needs to happen and when and why, create a strong team Film production:


plan a production schedule, shooting schedule, budget, keep accounts and do the maths
Who does a line producer work with?


get the best deals for services, keep everyone happy, especially when there’s a gap between the director’s aspiration and what there is to spend


think clearly when the unexpected happens, come up with good ideas even when under pressure

Knowledge of law:

understand health and safety, insurance and personnel legislation

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Essentially all departments report to the line producer. All heads of department create budgets for their departments and work closely with the line producer to know what they can and can’t have and have their costs approved.



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EPISODE 05 | Script Reading Session | Actor & Actress | Pre Production | How to Make a Feature Film | Kkunal Shinde

Script Reading Session is the very most important thing happen in every film, without Script reading no one can make a film, infact there are so many exceptional directors are there like Makarand Deshpande, who gave the script to the Artist on the day of the Shoot, Early morning they gets the Script to read and rehearse but that is on the Set only, No home taking or forwarding.

Script Reading Session clears all the doubts of Actor and his/her Co-star. Even if something has to scrutinize, the Actor with the help of Screenplay writer make some changes according to the situation of the scene, the permission and approval of the Director has to be taken before changing anything on the Script.  

The Actor, Actress and other Costars like Character Artists also attend the Script reading session, they perform or practice their lines with respect to the lines appears on the script. If any changes has to be made, the Director changes it on the spot, or if the director want some mello drama kind of material in the act, he convince or describe the role to the actor according to  the situation of the scene. 

 Reading Session makes all the Big artist confirtable and confident with their role. The Actor now knows what and how he wants to deliver his lines. Thats how the Reading session takes place in the Pre Production process. 

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EPISODE 04 | When Director Meets Actor | Pre – Production Process | How to Make a Feature Film

When Director meets the Actor for the first time, They discussed more about the Script, the Occassion becomes wonderful with the help of Writer, Wrtier one more time discussed with Director and Actor about the Script and the scenes.
Here, The Producer are also present with his team, 

The Actor clear his all doubts about the film and got to know about the script in detailing. The Director gives him a clean idea about how the shooting is going to happen.

Even the Director scrutinizes his script after some point of time where he find Actor or Actress are uncomfirtable with the scene. A slight change in the scene happen with the permission of the Creative Screenplay Writer of the Film.

If the Actor and Actress are completely agree with all the scenes and performances, The Director gets the Clear Vission about how the film will look to the audiences. 

Here the main role of Director comes into existance With clearing all the doubts, the fellow Actor and Actress now seats for the Script Reading.. 

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EPISODE 03 | Casting Big Artist on Board | With Casting Directors | How to make a Feature Film

Episode 03 | Consists of Appointing Casting Director and Celebrity Artist on the Board.

Casting Director plays a pivotal role in casting Big Actors on board, The Production house submits the script and narrate the whole scenario of film to the Casting Director, and He/She further takes the next step to Cast from Big Artist to all the Character Artist into the Board.

After taking Big Artist on Board the amount (Remuneration) has been decided by the Concern Manager or the Agency of the Artist or the Artist himself who does not have any Agency or Union.

A Lot of time the production houses tries to negotiate with the Artist. after the aproval of the Actor, The script has been submitted to him for reading purpose. The major aspect of casting big Artist into the board is quite easy than handling them on set.

One should understand how to manage Artist’s Demand, their tantrum, their lazyness, their late coming.. If one can manage this situation then he/she can make it happen the Schedule on time.

After the Selection of the Big Artist, The small character artists has also been casted, the character Artist gets their date and time of shoot after the selection. Most of time the Character Artist remuneration has given on Per day basis but the treatment given to them is quite good.

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The Second Episode Consists of How the Film Director is appointed after finalizing the Script from the production house or the producer. Appointing Director on board in early stage makes the film clear and consistant.

The Writer and the producer hand over the Script to the Director of the Film, is just to look forward it, If he have any doubt he can certainly ask the writer to change the situation or just to understand the meaning of a particular Scene.




The Director is the Captain of the Ship, He/She makes the team of Assitant Directors, including Associate Director, Chief assistant Directors and all the AD’s. The Assistant Director makes the Shot division and the schedule of the film,

They takes out the Dates of the Film, how long the film will have to shoot, even coordinating with the Actors, Star Cast, their costumes and Properties has to be done under Assistant directorship. Assistant Director Plays a very crucial role while making the film.

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