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Script Reading Session is the very most important thing happen in every film, without Script reading no one can make a film, infact there are so many exceptional directors are there like Makarand Deshpande, who gave the script to the Artist on the day of the Shoot, Early morning they gets the Script to read and rehearse but that is on the Set only, No home taking or forwarding.

Script Reading Session clears all the doubts of Actor and his/her Co-star. Even if something has to scrutinize, the Actor with the help of Screenplay writer make some changes according to the situation of the scene, the permission and approval of the Director has to be taken before changing anything on the Script.  

The Actor, Actress and other Costars like Character Artists also attend the Script reading session, they perform or practice their lines with respect to the lines appears on the script. If any changes has to be made, the Director changes it on the spot, or if the director want some mello drama kind of material in the act, he convince or describe the role to the actor according to  the situation of the scene. 

 Reading Session makes all the Big artist confirtable and confident with their role. The Actor now knows what and how he wants to deliver his lines. Thats how the Reading session takes place in the Pre Production process. 

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