EPISODE 04 | When Director Meets Actor | Pre – Production Process | How to Make a Feature Film

When Director meets the Actor for the first time, They discussed more about the Script, the Occassion becomes wonderful with the help of Writer, Wrtier one more time discussed with Director and Actor about the Script and the scenes.
Here, The Producer are also present with his team, 

The Actor clear his all doubts about the film and got to know about the script in detailing. The Director gives him a clean idea about how the shooting is going to happen.

Even the Director scrutinizes his script after some point of time where he find Actor or Actress are uncomfirtable with the scene. A slight change in the scene happen with the permission of the Creative Screenplay Writer of the Film.

If the Actor and Actress are completely agree with all the scenes and performances, The Director gets the Clear Vission about how the film will look to the audiences. 

Here the main role of Director comes into existance With clearing all the doubts, the fellow Actor and Actress now seats for the Script Reading.. 

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