EPISODE 03 | Casting Big Artist on Board | With Casting Directors | How to make a Feature Film

Episode 03 | Consists of Appointing Casting Director and Celebrity Artist on the Board.

Casting Director plays a pivotal role in casting Big Actors on board, The Production house submits the script and narrate the whole scenario of film to the Casting Director, and He/She further takes the next step to Cast from Big Artist to all the Character Artist into the Board.

After taking Big Artist on Board the amount (Remuneration) has been decided by the Concern Manager or the Agency of the Artist or the Artist himself who does not have any Agency or Union.

A Lot of time the production houses tries to negotiate with the Artist. after the aproval of the Actor, The script has been submitted to him for reading purpose. The major aspect of casting big Artist into the board is quite easy than handling them on set.

One should understand how to manage Artist’s Demand, their tantrum, their lazyness, their late coming.. If one can manage this situation then he/she can make it happen the Schedule on time.

After the Selection of the Big Artist, The small character artists has also been casted, the character Artist gets their date and time of shoot after the selection. Most of time the Character Artist remuneration has given on Per day basis but the treatment given to them is quite good.

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